October 17, 2008

Who knows what a menu is?

So today I spent quite some time searching online for personal menus, more good recipe blogs, and such. Well, it's easy to stumble upon a blog with recipes. Pretty much everyone thinks they're a cook. Some cooking blogs I just don't get though - like why would I read a blog about how to make a dinner that requires rare ingredients that I have to order online from multiple out of country websites?! Anyways, back on track...I could not find a blog or website that would actually HELP ME with my weekly menus. Some gave very basic menus, but no recipes or how tos. Others would state each day what they ate with a picture of their plate. IF I was lucky, there might be a recipe or two. So maybe there's someone out there with good menu tips, practical shopping lists, and recipes...but I didn't find them. Where are they hiding? Till then, I'm going to share to others my menus, my to the point grocery lists, where to find the recipes on my menus, and more as I see fit.

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