October 20, 2008

At least dinner was successful!

Alright, if you look back at my menu tonight's dinner is Pineapple Whatever Skewered Shrimp. I did also fix skewers of cubed potatoes. I also boiled some frozen broccoli cause all other veggies just didn't sound good at the time. 
Back to the Pineapple Shrimp, I didn't follow her recipe exactly. I didn't use as much teriyaki sauce and I used most of the pineapple juice. It was sweet, but did very nicely for the shrimp. I also fixed a whole big bag (just over 1 lb) of shrimp. I LOVE shrimp. However, it's a lot easier to say that you're going to skewer shrimp than it is to actually do it. So this will always be a weekend only meal. I have issues skewering, so this was a good reminder of why it would be a bad idea to buy those clearance metal skewers I saw. I hate to think what I'd do to myself with a sharp metal stick with as much issues as I have with oiled wooden ones.

Tomorrow night's dinner will be hamburgers, which I grilled out tonight with our dinner. Just need to reheat tomorrow in the microwave for a few seconds. Yum! My burgers are SO moist (key is eggs, ketchup, and whatever else sounds good at the time I'm making patties!), so nuking for a bit won't harm them at all. Plus this makes for a way easy dinner. We're having a pouch pasta with veggies. I had a good coupon for one, so figured I'd give it a try. Easy peasy dinner. :)

On the bright side, my cake is quite edible and yummy. My mom says that I should blame the sour cream. Apparently I shouldn't try and save a few fat grams by using the reduced fat sour cream. Now I know. 

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