October 25, 2008


Yes, I use coupons. Why not if I'm already going to buy the product. I do most of my shopping at the commissary on base, so generic just isn't an option. I grew up on a lot of generic products, so I know which products I'd rather just have name brand on. Usually I can get name brand on base for the same price as generic at the local store. Add a coupon and life's good. 

Where to find coupons:
1) You mail. Don't throw away all that junk mail. Actually flip through the pages. You never know what you might find hidden in there. Maybe they're grocery products. Or maybe they're coupons for a place you're going to eat at anyways. Might as well save a few bucks!
2) Newspapers. Unless you're like me and don't get the newspaper delivered. 
3) www.couponmom.com  Great website with links to lots of other coupon sites. They usually have quite a few printable grocery coupons too!
3) www.couponbug.com As long as you don't mind downloading the coupon printer and registering (free), they're a great source for printing out grocery coupons. Changes weekly.
4) Pillsbury website. You'll have to register, but they always have coupons on there. With the holidays coming up they have a lot of coupons for their holiday cookies for those that don't like to make your own doughs. I decided it's easier to just buy their crusts rather than make my own for pies, so I keep printing their fridge crust coupons.
5)http://www.startsampling.com/sm/100322/quickQuestion.iphtml?item=100322&source=     As long as you don't mind filling out a form, they'll send you a booklet full of coupons for swifter, dawn, fabreze, etc products. If you've ever thought about trying one of their products, get this book cause it'll save you money on starter kits and refills. 
6)http://printable-coupons.blogspot.com/     This site has TONS of links to other sites with printable coupons, not just grocery. It also has lots of online shopping coupon codes. Don't shop anywhere without looking here first. 
7) Your grocery store. Some local stores have it where you can go online and put coupons onto your rewards/shoppers card. Some you can just print out. Also, the next time you go shopping and pass by one of those coupon machines. Look to see what it's for and when the expiration date it. If it's a product that you might use in the future, grab the coupon and save it for later. Or maybe it's a product that you haven't use before and you're not sure if you would use it. Save it and take it home. Search online to see what you might do with it. I've really expanded my cooking this way. Don't worry, half of those coupons are for things you'll never use but it can't hurt to look for those few that will prove to be useful. Sometimes I'll run across a coupon that's a GREAT deal. If it's good for a few months, I'll grab a few. My favorite was $1 off Kraft cheese. I will always need cheese. I also once found a buy one get one free for parmesan cheese. Used it two trips in a row. Won't need to buy that for awhile, but we WILL use it - none will go to waste. 

These are just some of the places you can find good coupons. There's more, but these are what I stick with. 

For the grocery list that I just posted I have $15 worth of coupons and a couple of coupons for free products. Chances are one or two of them I won't use in the end. Another product will be cheaper than the coupon product with the coupon. If they expire soon, I'll leave them on the shelf for someone else. Otherwise I'll save it. Chances are also that I'll find a few coupons while doing my trip. A couple I'll use, a couple I'll save. Last trip I saved $20 thanks to coupons. I spent $150 for two weeks worth then. But we also have several hygiene products that probably added a good $20 if not more to the total. I also bought $15 worth of extras. It was not a good shopping trip with DH. LOL. I'm hoping that this weekend's trip goes a bit better. 
Maybe I'll tie DHs hands to the cart, so all he can do is push. 

And yes, I do like having DH go. He pushes the cart and I can run around and squeeze into tight spaces to grab the products easier. We did our trip in 45 minutes. Not bad for a crowded commissary on a Saturday afternoon!

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