October 11, 2011

Menu: Oct 4-17

I didn't disappear, just went out of town for a couple of days last minute. Ended up finishing up the last menu I posted after we got back into town. Then last Saturday I, *gulp*, went to the commissary without a menu, let alone a detailed grocery list. Naturally, that lasted for all of 60 seconds before I took out my iPhone and created a menu while standing in the middle of the produce section. I cannot go without a menu. I couldn't figure out where to even begin buying food without a menu! Without a menu how do you keep food from going to waste before it goes bad? I just can't do it!

Tuesday: out of town
Wednesday: pumpkin soup
Thursday: leftover soup
Friday: pizza
Saturday: Sesame chicken salad (my husband's request surprisingly)
Sunday: Butternut squash lasagna (DH and I both loved this....and apparently this is one of Squish's new favorite foods! Definitely making this again!)
Monday: steaks, oven baked fries (rather crisp! Don't skimp on the olive oil and flip every 10 minutes), and fried squash
Tuesday: leftover lasagna
Thursday: Chicken kabobs, grilled corn on the cob (soak in water then grill husks and all for 20 minutes), and something rice
Friday: Taco Calzones
Sunday: guilt free spinach burgers and sweet potato fries
Monday: Gnudi