October 25, 2008

Weekend Grocery List

Well, I just finished my grocery list. In making my list I start off by going through each item one by one on my menu. If we don't have it or not enough, I type it up in word to start my grocery list. I then move on to see what coupons I have. Sometimes I end up changing a couple of things on my menu based on coupons. After that, I double check that I have the right stuff on my grocery list. Sometimes I forget the obvious stuff like meat. I then think about lunches. I estimate how much leftovers we'll have from our dinners. I see what I have in my freezer for lunches (it's amazing what you can freeze!). I add items to my list for what else I think I'll need for lunches. Sometimes after doing all of this I still forget stuff on my list. But it's fairly close. Usually it's just one item that I forget. 
My goal with a grocery list is to go through the store and buy just what I need. It does make shopping faster and easier! And as long as I keep DH away from the chips and cookies and ice cream, I don't find too many extras "magically" dropping in the cart. My grocery bill has gone down by making menus. And I don't go cheap with my meals either. I just to try and shop for "cheap" meals, but somehow found myself spending more than I ever thought I would on groceries for two people. 

Candy (Mars coupon)

Pumpkin, whole

fresh spinach

Tomato, 1 small to medium

potatoes, 2 large

red potatoes, 4


Green apple, 1


hot dogs

pot roast, small one

breakfast sausage

Neutrogena Oil-Free moisture spf 15 face lotion

Secret Platinum deoderant

Bounty paper towels (coupon)

Glade Wisp flameless candle holder, buy one get one –  include candle? (coupon)

Green Works dish soap or floor cleaner (coupon) *save coupon if not used

            If no green works, then try Dawn Plus Hands or Dawn Foam Pump (coupons)

Febreze Noticeables dual refill pack (coupon)

Cascade Crystal Clear rinse agent, 8.45oz ONLY (coupon, FREE)

Windex (coupon)

Reynolds parchment paper (coupon)

Ziplock bags (1 gal zipper) (coupon)

Eight O’Clock coffee 11.5oz (coupon)

juice, apple berry

water, 2 24packs and 4 gallons

Knorr-Lipton Sides – 2 pasta, 1 rice (coupon when buy 3)

regular long grained rice

sushi rice (for parents)

sushi rice seasoning, 2 (non wasabi kind for parents)

Kidney beans, 1 can

egg noodles

Ragu pasta sauce, 2 for use in chicken parmesan and an extra(coupon)

Pizza sauce

diced tomatoes, 2

Canned pumpkin, 1

Chopped walnuts ½ cup or 1 cup depending on how nutty we want the bread

brownie mix for 9x13 pan

Regular, unbleached all purpose flour

canned carrots, 2

Progresso soup, 2 (coupon)

cream of chicken soup, 1 can

1 whole chicken

smoked sausage, 1 small cheap package

tortilla shells, 1 10ct pkg

**Smith’s has their brand veggies 10/$10 including mixed veggies and boxed ones.

Bird’s Eye Steamfresh veggie (coupon)

Green Giant frozen boxed veggies, 2 (coupon) *only if less than $1/each

Green Giant just for one veggies (55c coupon) *only if good deal

Hot/Lean Pockets, 4 (coupon) *save coupon if not used

shrimp primavera or other shrimp meal

fish, frozen

frozen mixed veggies

Frozen chicken tenders

Eggland’s Best eggs, if decently priced after coupon (coupon)

Yoplait yogurt, 6 (coupon)

Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts, 2 (coupon)

Grand’s or Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls (coupon)

Kraft cheese, 5 include 2 blocks (coupon)

Butter, tub ONLY

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