May 31, 2013

What the World Eats....

A few years ago while working school aged childcare I ran across the children's book What the World Eats. It's full of pictures of what families from around the globe eat in a week, how they prepare their food, how they preserve their food, and shares how much money they spent on their food. It is extremely interesting. (The adult book is Hungry Planet: What the World Eats.)

In April I noticed these same pictures were making their rounds across the internet. People have been commenting on the amount of processed foods, how some foods are found in many different areas, and how MUCH some people eat and how little others eat. This opened up a very interesting conversation among a group of my friends as we talked about what we eat and how much we spend on groceries. Over the coming weeks I will be sharing pictures and information shared to me of what these families buy and how much they spent from across the country and even on the other side of the world. Each post will only be a snippet but together they will show vast differences in food costs and cuisine. All are families that include young children. Some have stay at home parents. Some have two working parents. Pictures do not include any eating out, but most families eat out very minimally.

Interested in the original what the world eats pictures?
Time Magazine, Part 1
Time Magazine, Part 2


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