October 29, 2008

Our Grocery Bill

Well, I finally have my receipt, my computer, and myself in one location! :) I'm proud of my last shopping trip. lol

Our total was $182.87 after the 5% surcharge. Since we went shopping on base, there is no tax.
Of that total, $47.44 was supplies we bought for the burger and hotdog burn we helped host last Saturday night. We bought all the stuff, but was reimbursed later. I saved $16.61 thanks to coupons too! Apparently this was the first time DH ever really watched the total, and he was shocked how much we saved from coupons. He informed me that I can keep cutting coupons and annoying the cashier with them. lol. All in all, if it wasn't for the BBQ junk we bought we would have only paid $132.23. Not too shabby. Of course it helps that we're going to be out of town or otherwise engaged a few times during the coming month. 

The only thing we weren't able to buy that we needed was 24 packs of water. They're not located on the same aisle as the rest of the water (cause that would make sense lol), and we just forgot them. We also did not buy milk because milk is almost always cheaper at the local grocery store (it's often a loss leader for them). 

All in all it was a satisfying grocery trip. Other than a couple of items we have to wait to pick up in a couple of weeks after our trip home, we're pretty much set for a month! :)

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