October 25, 2008

Menu: Oct 25-Nov 22

Yes, you've read that right. For almost a month. It's just how it's going to work out best for the next while. I *could* shop one week earlier, but that's pay day weekend. I'd have to be crazy to want to go shopping that weekend. Of course it won't be any better the 22nd, but I also know that there's no way I'd finish a menu in time for shopping a week earlier. 
Of course it's also a lot easier to make a menu for a whole month when you're going out of town for 6 days total. 

How do I decide on a menu?
Well, I start by keeping a list of foods that I'm craving. I try and put those on the following menu. I then look to see what I have still sitting in my freezer and pantry and see what I can make with that stuff. Then I start flipping through my cookbook to see what else would fit in nicely. I try to have a variety of foods. I also try to have a mixture of more cook intensive foods and so easy DH can fix it foods. I like having a couple of items on the menu that if I don't fix it nothing is lost. This way if a situation like this week happens, I'm still good to go. No food is wasted and I can keep moving on. For the new menu I knew that Thanksgiving was coming up. I'll be doing a lot of heavy cooking during that time, so I tried to make the menu a bit easier in the second half so I don't tire of cooking before the REAL cooking begins. ;) 

Menu – October 25th – November 22ed

Weekend Dessert: Pumpkin Bread and make Chocolate Chip Cookie dough for freezing

25th Saturday Dinner: Burger/Hot Dog burn at Slammers

25th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: cinnamon rolls

26th Sunday Dinner: homemade chicken noodle soup

27th – 31th: Monday – Friday Meals:
1) apple quesadillas
2) chicken parmesan (use 1 lb Tyson frozen package) with pasta and canned green beans
3) Tomato and spinach pasta toss with Italian sausage
4) smoked sausage, frozen broccoli and carrots with herb sauce, and Knorr pasta side
5) Grilled chicken (use other 1lb Tyson frozen package), frozen boxed veggies, and Knorr rice side

Weekend dessert: brownies

1st Saturday Breakfast/Lunch:  applesauce pancakes (make extras in mini size for lunches)

1st Saturday Dinner: OUT FOR ANNIVERSARY

2nd Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: OUT FOR ANNIVERSARY

2nd Sunday Dinner: Homemade pizzas (pepperoni, and half pineapple)

3rd – 6th: Monday – Thursday Meals:
1) pot roast with red potatoes, onions, and carrots
2) Jackie’s easy alfrado pasta
3) Italian sausage spaghetti
4) out to eat Thursday (Quiznos?)

OUT OF TOWN 7th – 12th

13th and 14th Meals: (Send Chris to work with small list of any items that are needed to get through, like milk and bottled water!)

            1) frozen ravioli
            2) shrimp primavera

Weekend Dessert: bake Amish bread

15th Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: sausage wraps (save other half for Sunday)

15th Saturday Dinner: DHs chili and corn bread muffins

16th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: waffles (freeze extras for use in lunches)

16th Sunday Dinner: Quiche with sausage

17th – 21th: Monday – Friday Meals:
1) Baked fish, frozen broccoli, and steamed rice with seasoning
2) grilled cheese and soup
3) Cheesy chicken and rice casserole
4) Tuna Helper
5) Friday out to eat (Carmines? BWW? Chinese?)


Lindsay said...

Apple Quesadillas? Please share!

Mrs Sea Monster said...

Posted! :)