December 11, 2009

Menu: December

I'm doing a BIG shopping trip tomorrow for groceries. I'm going to have DH pick up a few perishables along the way. Not ideal, but it keeps me from having to grocery shop over Christmas weekend, and I'm super busy next weekend. :)

Menu: December 4th – 10th

Friday Dinner: chicken pot pie (yeah, didn't end up eating it till the end of the week; I also made two of them and put the 2nd in the freezer)

Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: homemade biscuits and scrambled eggs

Saturday Dinner: Squadron Christmas Party

Sunday Dinner: shrimp and grits

Monday – Thursday Meals:

1. Southwest fettuccine bowl (finally made it! Pretty good!)
2. Chicken Parmesan and sautéed squash
3. Leftover shrimp and grits (Monday)
4. Out to eat for friend's birthday (Thursday)

Friday 12/11: slow-cooker chili

Saturday 12/12: biscuits and eggs

Leftover Slow-cooker chili

Sunday 12/13: Rise and Shine Waffles

Chili-rubbed steaks and pan salsa with sautéed zucchini and mac & cheese

Monday-Thursday 12/14-12/17:

1. Chicken taco salads
2. Red beans and rice with turkey sausage
3. Tomato spinach pasta toss
4. Cheesy tuna noodle casserole

Friday 12/18: out to eat (probably Chinese)

Saturday 12/19: oatmeal

CGO party- Baked ziti (will post recipe if it turns out great!), French bread (from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day), and cocktail sausages

Sunday 12/20: leftovers

Chicken pot pie (frozen), fix and freeze spinach lasagna (I am using ricotta instead of cottage cheese and adding some ground beef to the sauce.)

Monday-Wednesday 12/21-12/23: (ask DH to pick up perishables this week)

1. pineapple pork chops, au gratin potatoes, and green beans
2. Tortellini with fresh vegetables with chicken added
3. Frozen pizzas

Thursday 12/24: Lasagna with homemade rolls (have leftovers that I froze from Thanksgiving)

Friday 12/25: cinnamon rolls (I could make these, but I decided to take the really easy route for Christmas and buy the stuff in the can. :D)

Leftover lasagna and rolls, Spinach-Apple salad with maple-cider vinaigrette

Dessert: blackberry cobbler

Saturday 12:26: leftover cobbler

Pasta with pumpkin and sausage (I'm cutting the recipe in half.)

Sunday 12/27: Spicy Roasted chicken legs, frozen veggie, and mac & cheese

Monday-Wednesday 12/28-12/30:

1. Velveeta spinach and pasta dinner (with added squash, extra spices, and only 6oz cheese)
2. Out to eat (probably Quiznos or Carmines)
3. Tilapia, steamed rice, and broccoli

Thursday 12/31: BBQ pork shoulder (no recipe just throw a shoulder into a crockpot on low all day long till cooked; shred; use a GOOD bbq sauce like Corky's) and cornbread (I've got a new cast iron skillet that I can't wait to use for this!)

Make sausage balls for new year’s party

Friday 1/1: Leftover BBQ pork shoulder and parmesan puffs

Saturday 1/2: whole wheat applesauce muffins (makes a lot, so I'm going to freeze half of them)

Homemade BBQ pizza (will probably use boule bread from Artisan Bread book for the crust)

Going shopping Sunday 1/3.

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