February 04, 2010

Menu: Feb 5-18

I'm trying several new recipes over the next two weeks, so there are quite a few unlinked recipes. I'll post them soon when I have some free time! :) You'll also notice quite a bit of lemon being used. A friend gave me 6 HUGE lemons from her mom's lemon tree. They will be used. :D

2/5 Friday Dinner: Shrimp and grits (did not make last weekend – we ended up getting Chinese!)
2/6 Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: Cinnamon Apple Dutch Baby (didn’t make this because we had enough leftovers to eat)
2/7 Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: leftovers!
2/7 Sunday Dinner: soft pretzels (1st attempt at homemade, I'll let ya know how this goes!**), rotel cheese dip (for DH), homemade salsa (for me)
2/8-2/11 Monday – Thursday Meals:
            1. Southwest chicken sandwiches on artisan buns w/ rosemary potato chips and zucchini
            2. Chili pasta skillet
            3. Salads
            4. Chili rubbed steaks and pan salsa with mixed vegetables and whole wheat penne pasta
2/12 Friday Dinner: Spaghetti Squash w/ chicken in marinara sauce
2/13 Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: Corn Soup (will post recipe later)
2/13 Saturday Dinner: lemon sauce on chicken breasts, fresh broccoli, and boiled dumplings
2/14 Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: sausage and egg burritos
2/14 Sunday Dinner: Linguine w/ scallops, cauliflower, Artisan bread loaf, and apple crisp
2/15-2/18 Monday – Thursday Meals:
            1. Velveeta shells dinner w/ chicken, diced tomatoes and broccoli (following hearty sausage skillet recipe but with chicken)
            2. Tilapia baked with lemon, rice, and zucchini
            3. Quesadillas
            4. Italian Fried Rice

**Soft Pretzels: Well, I made them. And they were the UGLIST PRETZELS EVER! No joke! lol I brought them to the super bowl party where everyone decided that while they tasted wonderful, they looked and tasted nothing like actual soft pretzels. The recipe I followed was from the Artisan Bread in the Five Minutes a Day book. Oh, well. I tried! Next time I get the urge to make pretzels, I'll find another recipe. :)

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