February 05, 2010

Grocery Trip & Saving Money With Coupons!

Today I spent $93.42 at the Commissary. I spent another $10 at Smith's (stocking up on Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate while it was on sale), and another $5 at Fresh and Easy (love their tomato basil chips!). I saved $14.65 thanks to coupons. Since this was for 2 weeks, I'm averaging about $52.71 for this menu. My goal is $50 a week, so I'm doing great! I'm really proud of myself because I did pick up extras like oreos, a pint of ice cream for DH, and 3 different kinds of chips.

On my blog's right sidebar you'll see links to print coupons. I updated it not that long ago. Other than internet printable coupons, I also cut every coupon that I find in the mail cause I might use it depending on sales (can't afford to be brand loyal lol). I'm lucky here because Red Plum, Smart Source, and P&G all put their coupon books in the regular mail and not just in the Sunday newspaper. Even if you have to buy the Sunday newspaper, chances are great you'll still save money despite having to invest in that paper. To some people $15 may not be a lot, but to me that's $15 extra for going to see Matinee movies or grabbing drinks with friends. Not to mention over time these savings really add up! Besides, why pay more when I can pay less? :)

A great site for those who are wanting more information, including store's policies on taking coupons, is http://slickdeals.net/. Take some time to read through their forums and you'll find even more places to find coupons that what I have listed along with deals that may be going on in a store near you!

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