February 22, 2010

Honest Scrap

What a surprise to wake up to! Natesgirl over at Give Peas a Chance is passing along the Honest Scrap blog award to me! :D Can't complain one bit about this, and it helps improve the never impressive Monday! I am working harder with my blogging this year. I hope I can keep improving it over time. I've even got a few more pictures to add to recipes! Glad that hard work pays off yet again!

The Honest Scrap Award. 
The requirements are:

a) I must brag about it.
b) Display  the badge on my blog and link  to the one who tagged me to prove that I didn't tag myself (how pathetic that would be!)
c) I share 10 things about myself.
d) pass the award to other fellow bloggers by visiting their site. (I'll do this probably later this week or this weekend - so many great choices!)

Share 10 things about myself- (sorry, these are really random)

1) I am 26.
2) I am older than my husband by a few months. I was a grade above him in school. :D
3) I have an annoying cat named Max.
4) I am a school age childcare teacher. They have year around schools locally, so there are always kids out of school.
5) I have a BS in Business Administration and a minor in psych. 
6) I almost had a math minor, but my university required 2 classes beyond Differential Equations and Calculus 3 for the minor. After those two classes, I decided to not stress myself out over math anymore to finish the minor out.
7) I am from Memphis, TN. Born and raised there. 
8) I have a 16 year old sister who's super smart. She is my only sibling and, yes, we have the same parents.
9) I do not like peanut butter, so you won't ever find peanut better in any of my recipes.
10) Last month my husband started doing the dishes for me after dinner. What a great man he is! :)

1 comment:

Natesgirl said...

I'm not big on peanut butter either shhhh