April 16, 2010

Menu: April 16-23

Friday Dinner: Spaghetti w/ Italian sausage and zucchini
            Dessert: Blackberry Cobbler (but with less sugar this time!)
Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: muffins and eggs
            DH request: Homemade salsa
Saturday Dinner: Homemade pizza
Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: leftover muffins and pizza
Sunday Dinner: Spiced Beef Kabobs, veggie kabobs, and potatoes
Monday – Friday Meals:
            1. Tortellini with Fresh Vegetables
            2. Calzones
            3. Lettuce Wraps
            4. Cheesy chicken and rice casserole
            5. Leftovers/menu make up day/chicken nuggets, tater tots, and frozen veggie

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