January 01, 2010

Menu: Jan 1-14

I ended up falling ill earlier this week, which completely threw off my menu. I'm still not 100% by any means. I revamped my menu for the weekend and will be hitting up the commissary Sunday assuming that I'm over this sore throat by then. One thing that saved us this week is that I ended up buying a ham. I cooked the ham Sunday and we ate off it for days. For once I was saved by an impulse buy! :)
Later in the weekend I'll come back and link to recipes. I've been trying to post as many of my recipes up as possible recently. Sadly, it's much easier to pull them up online on my iPhone when cooking than it is to figure out where in the world the recipe came from and resides in my house!

1/1 Breakfast/Lunch: Leftover pizza and pasta
Dinner: pasta with pumpkin and sausage (Excellent meal! Very addicting. Definitely cut it half unless feeding a crowd.), cornbread
1/2 Breakfast/Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: spicy roasted chicken legs, leftover cornbread, and steamed broccoli
1/3 Breakfast/Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: Spaghetti with turkey meatballs (will add more seasonings this time though) and parmesan puffs
1/4-1/7 Mon-Thurs Meals:
1. Tilapia, zucchini, and steamed rice
2. Quesadillas
3. Steak bites, squash, and mac n cheese
4. Teriyaki Madness spicy chicken copycat recipe with broccoli
1/8 Dinner: Sausage, tomatoes, and cream pasta
1/9 Breakfast/Lunch: eggs, oranges, and hash browns
Dinner: Grilled chicken salads
1/10 Breakfast/Lunch: whole wheat applesauce muffins
Dinner: BLTs (use lettuce on lunch sandwiches)
1/11-1/14 Mon-Thurs Meals:
1. Santa Fe Foldover
2. Fish sticks, sautéed zucchini
3. Grilled cheese and Tomato Soup
4. Saucy Beef Noodle Skillet


Ginny said...

Let me know how you liked those spicy roasted chicken legs. I went to Pioneer Women's site and they sound great.

Jackie said...

I've made her recipe before and like them. DH LOVED them.
I cheated this time and did them differently because I was in one of those moods. ;) I took as much of the skin off as I could. I then brushed a thin coat of chili sauce on them and then sprinkled pepper, kosher salt, and garlic powder on them (both sides). I let them sit for a few minutes, then I brushed them with olive oil. Baked like PWs recipe. It turned out sooooo good. I think I like olive oil moreso because they got browner and more crisper than when I used butter.
So there ya go, drumsticks two ways now! :D