January 14, 2010

Just a list of meals for this week

DH is gone TDY, so it's just me eating. I went by the commissary before work today to pick up food. I bought the foods to fix a bunch of things that DH doesn't necessarily like or rather doesn't like it the way I like it. While I hate him being gone, I am grateful to have this time to fix some of my favorite foods that I don't get to eat very often. Since I have a 4 day weekend, I'm planning on preparing as much as I can in advance to make next week a happier week on myself. :)

Baguette with brie (well, wee brie)
tuna fish salad
Santa Fe Foldover (we didn't get to fix that)
Tomato and Spinach Pizza
Chicken quesadillas
Spinach and deli meat wraps (I've been addicted to wraps for lunch recently)
whole wheat applesauce muffins (didn't get a chance to make them, so I'll make and freeze them)

**ETA: I've updated my links to coupon sites. If you have a great, consistent one that I haven't listed, please let me know! :D

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