January 31, 2010

Printing made easier!

Pardon today's dust on the blog. I've been trying to solve how to print off recipes without having to print the whole page with all it's sidebar junk and such. Thanks to my DH, if you now try to print a page of my blog off it will not have any of the sidebars or any of the colored background! Blogger likes to make life difficult, so there's no currently feasible way for you to be able to print off just the single post from the main blog page. However, if you want to print off any of my recipes, you can now click on the recipe title which brings just that entry up on a single page. You then can print off that entry by either going through your browser or by clicking "Print Page" which will now appear at the bottom of most of my posts (I'll update some of the older ones).

I also finally corrected some minor annoyances of mine with my layout. That makes me happy. :)

Happy Printing!

Print Page

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