May 07, 2009


DH is gone on TDY now. Below is what I've been eating/going to eat for the rest of this week.

Monday Lunch: leftover cheesy chicken and rice casserole, strawberry yogurt with granola

Monday Dinner: pineapple pork chops, leftover smashed potatoes, and veggies

Tuesday Lunch: pineapple pork chops, leftover smashed potatoes, and baby carrots

Tuesday Dinner: minestrone soup (defrosted, leftovers from a previous dinner)

Wednesday Lunch: minestrone soup

Wednesday Dinner: grilled cheese and an orange

Thursday Lunch: minestrone soup (last of it thankfully!), strawberry yogurt with granola, pineapple, baby carrots

Thursday Dinner: Hamburger, mixed veggies

Friday Lunch: Hamburger, baby carrots, orange

Friday Dinner: KFC (using free coupon)

I desperately need to go to the commissary for food. I meant to go last weekend, but that just didn't happen once I realized that I could technically make it though this week. Cooking for one just doesn't thrill me! No matter what though going to the commissary Saturday is a MUST. I will be out of fruits and veggies by then, so no more making it though. I have a very "exciting" (ha) list of things to fix for next week. No idea on when I'm going to eat what, but it's what I'm buying stuff to make. Along with lots of fruits and veggies to fill in the gaps.

Next week meals:

Apple quesadillas (didn't actually make them from last menu cause DH threw up a fuss about the apples and corn invading his good chicken and cheese lol)

Southwest Chicken and Spinach Bowl (trying new recipe, will post later)


Salads with grilled chicken

Tuna salad sandwich

Kashi frozen meal (have a coupon and they're not that bad)

Commissary again on Saturday, May 16th. By then I should know when DH will be returning from his current TDY (which is up in the air)....and therefore, when I can stop cooking for one/stop eating the same thing over and over and over..........

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