January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

Sorry I took an unannounced leave of absence. I needed it to survive pregnancy, bouts of sickness, and a toddler. I didn't really cook anything new. I spent a lot of time doubling up on meals and freezing the double. Lots of chills, soups, meatloaves, burgers, and more. Truly nothing exciting. Since Baby Girl was born we've been eating off of those meals and have recently run out items I can eat. What do I mean by "what I can eat?" Baby Girl developed extreme "colic" episodes (talking up to 9 hours!) and showed signs of reflux. First step once I connected the dots was to follow my best friend's advice and cut out all diary and soy immediately from my diet. Those proteins are transferred by mom to baby through breast milk.  Within 24 hours I noticed a difference. Within days she was back to being the fantastic newborn she was at birth. An amazing difference. Then I learned that *I* was allergic to dairy as a baby! I never knew! Just this week I've been testing out small amounts of soy hoping to add that back to my regular diet.

I don't come from a family who has food allergies. I have no experience with something so major needing to be avoided. It's been interesting making menus and going grocery shopping. I have to keep a list up on my phone of all the sneaky dairy ingredients that companies like to throw into products. It's no longer as simple as making a grocery list and sticking to it. I'm sure in time this will be easier, but for now super long commissary trips are the norm. My whole family is stuck with my diary free diet for any shared meals because that's way easier on me. I'm so thrilled that Baby Girl is happy again that I will keep this up as long as needed.

Speaking of Baby Girl she was born via VBAC November 27th at 41 weeks, 6 days. She was 7 lbs, 12 oz. Within hours she was smiling. While it wasn't the ideal labor (over 60 hours from first contraction to baby) or ideal birth (forceps were used), I don't regret a single part of the experience. Recovery has been a breeze compared to my c/s with my son (now 26 months - yikes!). It was truly exciting to go into labor on my own and birth my baby vaginally how I wanted!

Expect new (mostly diary free) menus and recipes soon!

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