April 02, 2012

Menu: April 3-9

Okay, so half is missing but half is better than none right now. :D I'll fill the rest in later this week.

Tuesday: baked potato soup
Thursday: Leftover choice: soup or chili
Friday: Spinach and cheese stuffed shells w/ marinara sauce
Sunday: Breakfast pizza and ???
Monday: something with boiled eggs :p

*****UPDATE 4/6*****
Well, Squish and I have spent a good portion of the week sick so the menu went out the window. We did eventually mange to make the potato soup and cheese stuffed shells at least. I will post the baked potato soup soon.

Saturday: Chicken kabobs (bell pepper, onions, zucchini, and squash) with herb pasta
Sunday: Breakfast pizza; ham, rolls, potato casserole, and steamed broccoli; apple crisp
Monday: egg salad; leftovers

Here's last Easter's recipes:


Ginny said...

Haha I love it! And half is better than nothing, I agree!

Mrs Sea Monster said...

Now that Squish and I are sick, I don't even think I'll need to finish out the menu - we're not eating this half as it is! lol