March 27, 2012

Menu: March 27 – April 2

Tuesday: personal pizzas (whole wheat pizza dough)
Wednesday: mini corn dogs, corn, and tater tots (DH and Squish only meal)
Thursday: chicken salads
Friday: crock pot minestrone soup
Saturday: out
Sunday: slow cooker Bolognese
Monday: Eggs, bacon, and biscuits

Trying a few new recipes this week!

One of the joys of a new house is that I have room for a pinterest idea that I've been dying to use. I would link to the original idea I ran across, but the blog is no longer up! :( Trust me, her's looked nicer because she 1) has better handwriting than me, 2) used much nicer scrapbook paper for the backgrounds, and 3) didn't hang it up on a white wall between two doors. Even though mine doesn't look as nice, my husband is really enjoying knowing what will be for dinner each night. 

I used a cheap collage frame I picked up from Kirkland's. Any frame with glass works though since dry erase markers work great on glass. :)

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Ginny said...

Your menu frames look great! I too pinned that one but have nowhere to put it. Oh well!
I love it!!!