March 14, 2012

Half a Menu

Better than none, right?

We finally are in a house and have furniture! I can almost see my kitchen counter tops. I was hoping to have them visible, but toddlers are fun like that.

Monday we went high class with frozen processed lasagna, canned green beans, and pre-baked rolls. Won't call it my best culinary moment, but it sure beat eating out (and besides we still didn't have any of our household goods at that point).

Tuesday - out to eat

Wednesday - Spinach burgers and tater tots

Thursday - Teriyaki chicken with broccoli and rice

Friday - southern apple tuna salad; whole wheat mac and cheese with zucchini, tomatoes, and carrots

And if I find my counter tops I want to try making some cinnamon bread.

As usual if I haven't linked to the recipe, I'm either trying something new or still working it out. I'll come back and link later if I find successes. :)

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