April 21, 2011

Menu: April 12-25

Menu: April 12-18
Tuesday: Chicken and Dumplings w/ carrots added (FANTASTIC!)
Wednesday: tacos with black bean and corn salad
Thursday: Iron Skillet Pizza w/ sausage
Friday-Monday: I was out of town

Menu: April 19-25
Tuesday: frozen meal thingy (didn't get in till 8:30pm)
Wednesday: hot dogs and fries, proud culinary moment in the Sea Monster household
Friday: Fish tacos and Spanish rice (Yes, I will finally get around to posting the fish taco recipe as soon as I finish typing it up. My bad.)
Saturday: ham, rolls, creamy au gratin potatoes, green beans, stove-top dressing, spinach salad (will link/post recipes soon!)
Sunday: leftovers
Monday: tuna fish salad

And I still have no idea what I'm going to do about this month's Household 6 Cooking Challenge. We're supposed to create a dish from a country that you have lived/stationed at or want to visit (not US). I know nothing about authentic cooking from other countries. I don't think living a hop skip and a jump away from Mexico counts. lol.

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