April 06, 2011

Another Menu-ish

DS and I were out of town last weekend. I cooked what I could scrounge up around the house for dinner last night (had too much to do around the house to attempt the commissary). Plans are up in the air for this weekend, so I decided to forgo a week menu. What's better is that DS and I leave for out of town again in little over a week. lol.

Last night we had baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, and fried squash.
Tonight is Chicken and Pasta Frittata. If it's any good I'll post the recipe up soon. If a miracle occurs I'll even have a picture.
Tomorrow night will be spaghetti (DH's request).
Friday is shrimp and grits (again DH's request). Lent is almost over, but I think I'm going to keep up this trend of one night of fish. Might even sprinkle in a few nights of meatless meals (until DH revolts that is).

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