October 31, 2010

41 weeks, 2 days...

That's right, I'm still pregnant! He's being evicted soon though. :)

I haven't made a single meal plan recently which is driving me nuts! Up until a few days ago I was still enjoying cooking, now it's too much for me. But I thought I'd share some of what I've been eating, some old and some new.

Eggplant Caponata with homemade baguettes
Red Beans and Rice
Spiced Beef Kabobs
Applesauce Pancakes
Slow-Cooker Turkey Chili
Pumpkin Cornbread
Homemade biscuits
Cheesy Lasagna Rolls
Zucchini Chips
Chocolate Chip Banana Spiced Muffins

1 comment:

Ally said...

I was sure you were going to have a baby to dress up by halloween. He is too comfy..lol