October 26, 2009

Tally Time!

Before I forget, here's what I spent the past two trips for groceries.

10/16 I went by the commissary ($62.73), Smith's ($2.49), and Fresh & Easy ($3.87). I saved $8.45 with coupons. Total spent $69.09. This trip included buying candy for Halloween.

10/23 I went by the commissary ($83.21) and Smith's ($11.97). I saved $9.25 with coupons. Total spent $95.18. This is for two weeks worth of groceries. I will need to go by a store next weekend though and pick up three items. I didn't want to get them too soon and have them go bad.

While I spent more on 10/16's trip, I hit my target of $50 per week on this last trip!

If I didn't have the commissary, I'd probably spend more time each week examining the weekly ad and making more of a menu based on their good deals. I also would probably up my spending goal to $60/week. It's a bit more expensive out in town. At the same time, I'd probably buy more off brand items (commissary just has name brand). I'd might even spend a little more time hunting down coupons and pairing them with the weekly ad. I'm definitely grateful for the commissary being slightly lower in prices at this base!

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