August 15, 2009

Menu: August 14-27

Two week menu because we have company in town next week! Can't wait! I went grocery shopping Friday and only spent $100 between the commissary, Smith's, and Fresh & Easy! Exciting! :) There are some out to eats on here too, but I do have food to fill in if something changes. And this menu isn't the most exact either. lol.

14th Friday Dinner: cheesy lasagna rolls with spinach and ricotta

15th Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

15th Saturday Dinner: out to eat

16th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: meeting friend for lunch

16th Sunday Dinner: steak bites, smashed potatoes, and zucchini

17th Monday Dinner: Tomato and spinach pasta toss

18th Tuesday Dinner: Salads with grilled chicken

19th – 22nd company:

1. order in pizza (or such)

2. eat out

3. lettuce wraps with beef, cheese, and rice with Asian pasta side (extra veggies added to pasta)

4. hamburgers, tater tots, and grilled corn on the cob

Lunch/Breakfast: homemade biscuits and eggs, sandwiches, waffles, cereal, fruit, etc.

23rd Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: whatever

23rd Sunday Dinner: Baked chicken nuggets and veggies

24th-27th Monday – Thursday Meals:

1. Ravioli and squash

2. Saucy chicken Italiano

3. Baked fish with rice and veggies

4. frozen meal thingy

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