August 28, 2009

Menu: Aug 28 - Sept 17

28th Friday Dinner: salmon burgers (bought from Fresh and Easy) and sauteed zucchini

29th Saturday: squadron functions (blah)

30th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

30th Sunday Dinner: homemade pizzas (pepperoni for DH; spinach and tomatoes for me)

31st – 3rd Monday – Thursday Meals:

1. BLTs

2. Whole wheat pasta with pesto and artichokes

3. Baked chicken nuggets and steamed broccoli (didn't make from last menu)

4. out to eat!

4th Friday Dinner: shrimp and grits

5th Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: egg in a hole and fruit - Make Lemonade Iced Tea and apple pie

5th Saturday Dinner: BBQ Pork Shoulder sandwiches (I throw a pork shoulder in the crock pot and cook on low all day) with fried squash

6th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: waffles

6th Sunday Dinner: leftover BBQ

7th Monday Breakfast/Lunch: leftover waffles

7th Monday Dinner: quiche

8th Tuesday Dinner (DH cooks): taco bake

9th – 10th Wednesday – Thursday Meals:

1. Grilled chicken sandwiches and mixed veggie steamer

2. Leftovers or grab food someplace

14th – 17th Monday – Thursday Meals: (pick up fruit, milk, etc Monday!!)

1. frozen pizzas

2. Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry

3. hamburger helper

4. frozen ravioli

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