December 05, 2008

New menu for Dec 6th-Dec 20th

It's that time again. Gotta go out and brave the commissary tomorrow. My grocery list isn't all that long cause we ended up eating leftovers all weekend long, so we didn't get to a couple of my meals this week. See how chicken parmesan made yet another appearance? One day I'm really going to make it! Really....  We had to move the date of the CGO party to the 20th, so that's messing with my menu too again. I'm a little sad that I could only find $9 in useable coupons this time. However I do have a stockpile of coupons that I'll be using later on. I just have no need for frozen veggies and etc this menu. I already have a stockpile of them! :)

Weekend Baking: oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie (for strike vault)

6th Saturday Dinner: Potato Soup

7th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: leftover potato soup

7th Sunday Dinner: grilled steaks, baked potatoes, steamed frozen sweet corn


8th – 12th: Monday – Friday Meals:
1) lettuce wraps and Asian pasta side
2) quesadillas with Mexican cheeses, chicken, and onions
3) taco bake
4) Italian sausage spaghetti
12th: Squadron Christmas Party


Weekend Baking: chocolate covered Oreos, stained glass sugar cookies, and whole wheat bread

13th Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: breakfast wraps

13th Saturday Dinner: Homemade calzones

14th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: hotdogs and macaroni and cheese

14th Sunday Dinner: pork tenderloin, leftover mac and cheese, green beans, breadsticks


15th – 19th: Monday – Friday Meals:
1) Red beans and rice with smoked sausage
2) beef stir fry
3) frozen pizza
4) chicken parmesan with pasta and veggie
5) out to eat

20th Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: waffles

20th Saturday CGO Christmas Party

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