December 22, 2008

Menu: Dec 21- Jan 3rd

Went by the commissary Sunday for the next two weeks. It wasn't nearly as crazy as I thought it would be. I did end up having to go to my local Smith's Grocery to pick up a few items. Always check out those sale ads - they can really save you money! I was able to pair up a few coupons with sale items at Smiths. Gotta love the holiday sales - they're always extra exciting for me! :) DH wasn't too happy being drug to two grocery stores, but our pockets were happy which is all that matters. I saved $11 at the commissary and $3 at Smith's thanks to coupons. Better than I thought it would be at first since my grocery list was actually smaller than normal. Only spent $130 total between the two. Included some "extras" too. 
One lady at the commissary with her big binder full of coupons told me that I could save so much more if I bought coupons online and joined coupon trading groups. I just laughed and told her that I have a full time job already. I can't imagine that amount of work she puts into it. I spend a couple of hours total going through recipes, making a menu, and cutting/printing coupons. And that's enough for me!

Week(end) Baking: whole wheat bread, cookies

21th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: leftovers

21th Sunday Dinner: Leftover lasagna, rolls, and spinach dip

22th – 23th: Monday – Tuesday Meals:
1) Sausage tomato and cream pasta
2) frozen CA pizzas

24th Wednesday – Christmas Eve: chicken sandwiches, frozen veggie side, cookie dough cheesecake

25th Thursday – Christmas Day – No work: breakfast casserole, and calzones with pepperoni and sausage, leftover cheesecake

26th Friday: spaghetti (MIL's recipe)

Weekend Baking: cookies?

27th Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: leftover breakfast casserole

27th Saturday Dinner: Penne a la Betsey

28th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: leftovers

28th Sunday Dinner: Out to eat

29th – 30th: Monday – Tuesday Meals:
1) southwest eggrolls
2) baked fish, rice, and steamed veggie

31st Wednesday – New Year’s Eve: frozen pizza, apple dumplings

1st Thursday – New Year’s Day – omelet breakfast, spicy bean salsa snack, and shortcut chicken manicotti for dinner

2nd Friday: Helper meal

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