December 15, 2008

More meals that I never get around to cooking....

DH and I had a great time at his squadron Christmas party Friday night. Unfortunately I work up with a sore throat and a fever. There went the rest of the weekend. I'm feeling much better tonight, so I should be able to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, you'll see more repeat meals for my next menu. I was hoping to put a couple more things on there soon, but they'll have to wait cause there's only so much I can cook and we can eat!

I did cook the pork tenderloin today for dinner. I "cheated" though and took out the crockpot. Man, I love my crockpot. If you don't own one, buy one! Or beg for someone's old one! Mine's from the 1970s and it works great to this day. It doesn't have any fancy settings (just off, low, high), but it has yet to every burn anything. Which is what matters in the end. Anyways, I trimmed the pork tenderloin up just a bit and cut it into large chunks. I rubbed it with black pepper and Melting Pots Wine and Garlic Seasoning (seriously, buy the stuff from them online. Totally worth it. Lasts awhile too!). I threw the chunks in and poured a little Corky's Apple BBQ sauce. Mmmmmm. Spicy sweetness. Thank you Corky's for making it. Thank you Mom and Dad for mailing it to us since no one out here has heard of the stuff! Back to the point, I put my crockpot on low and forgot about for a few hours. How easy is that. We ended up eating it with a box of au gratin potatoes that I found buried in the back of the pantry. We did have the green beans. I also added some breadsticks thanks to Pillsbury. Even my sick self couldn't screw up this meal and it tasted divine! And it was the only thing I cooked this weekend. Everything went out the window. Oh well.

I think all of this week's meals are self explanatory or I've already posted them up here already. :) Which is good cause I'm praying that the snow that's predicted for overnight actually happens. That'll be a first for Vegas since I've lived here! 

ETA: About that Taco Bake I posted about. I know a few people do read what I post, and maybe one of them actually cares! lol! Anyways, the taco bake was soooo not healthy, but oh so yummy! It reheats well in the microwave, so we were able to use the leftovers as lunches. Worked out great. I think I'll put add it to future menus, just not too often. I kinda like being able to fit into my clothes. :D

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