November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Week!

It's one of my most favorite times of the year! Lots of food and the Christmas season can start bright and early Friday morning. :D

We ended up having friends surprise us by bringing us dinner last Thursday evening. We ate that for two nights, so I just continued with the menu after that. I did end up taking meatballs out of the freezer last night and eating that with this tomato sauce and pasta. Very yummy!

Tomorrow we're having lunch with friends. I'm bringing a homemade pecan pie and crescent rolls. If they turn out great, I'll post the recipes later this weekend. If they don't get rave reviews you'll never hear about them again. ;)

As always I'm still making our own turkey this weekend. There are just certain things that I only have this time of year, so by golly I'm still making them later this weekend!

Friday-Sunday Menu:
Squash Casserole
Potato Casserole
Dressing (okay, so this is a recipe I got from a friend last year)
Rolls (I bought them this year since I don't need or want 4 tins worth, but this recipe is THE BEST EVER!)
Pumpkin Pie

Pecan Pie recipe - I thought it was excellent and very easy. I liked the fact that it didn't require corn syrup since I never keep that around the house.

The crescent rolls I made were good. It was definitely easy to make and made a lot. Will share the recipe later (need to type it up).

My friend made this sweet potato casserole which I have to say is amazing. I loved the crunchy topping and didn't miss marshmallows one bit.

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