November 29, 2010

Menu: 11/29 - 12/11

Nothing exciting. Almost everything is out of the freezer from the meals I made while pregnant. Still working on trying to get a routine going during the day and cooking is lower on the list than the baby and cleaning the house (such a sad reality!). 

Menu: Nov 29 – Dec 4
Monday: Leftover turkey and dressing with baked sweet potatoes
Tuesday: Pancakes
Wednesday: Dinner with Santa on base
Thursday: Baked chicken spaghetti and roasted brussels sprouts
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: Wild Game Dinner out in town

Menu: Dec 5 - 11
Sunday: Hamburgers, mac and cheese, and sautéed zucchini
Tuesday: Beef ravioli in tomato sauce
Wednesday: Fish sticks, mixed veggies, and tater tots
Thursday: turkey chili
Friday: Mini meatloaves, sautéed squash, and au gratin potatoes
Saturday: White Elephant Potluck

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Ginny said...

Getting a schedule for yourself is the hardest thing after having a baby. I still don't have a great one and Nyla is 4.5 months old. ha!
I'm finding if she does take a great 3 hour nap in the afternoon I cook 2-3 meals, if possible. I cook one for that night, and freeze the other 2 for later.
And as for housework, well I do a little each day if I can. But laundry is every other day, sometimes everyday and that's okay!
Hope your sweet boy is precious!

Natesgirl said...

it gets better!! enjoy your little one

Mrs Sea Monster said...

I felt so productive yesterday. I baked 2 batches of cookies and cooked pancakes for dinner. Today wasn't nearly as "fun," but that's okay. :)