August 15, 2010


We finally moved into base housing at our new location last week. This is the first week that I've gone back to planning meals beyond the "what am I going to eat tonight?" and "is the commissary even open?" (I'm having trouble adjusting to a smaller base where things are not open everyday for long hours. lol) Having a kitchen again with all my stuff is completely exciting for me though! I have a ton more pantry space, but less counter space....and an old, scary oven (at least it's gas, which I love). I have one new recipe for this week too, I'll post it up soon. :)

Menu: 8/15 - 8/21

Sunday dinner:
Red beans and rice

Monday dinner:
Beef pot roast w/ sweet potatoes and carrots

Tuesday dinner:
Salmon w brown sugar glaze, steamed broccoli, whole wheat pasta

Wednesday dinner:
Chicken soft tacos, black beans, zucchini

Thursday dinner:
Spiced beef kabobs and grilled corn

Friday dinner:
Grilled chicken salads

Saturday dinner:
Out to eat/menu make up day

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