September 30, 2009

Menu: Oct 2-15

This is NOT an exciting menu at all. We're going to be out of town for a good chunk of it. I'm excited to be able to see my little sister for her birthday this year! :)

Friday: Squadron Auction Night (making a rum cake for it; note that this isn't the exact recipe I'm using, but it's close)

Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: cereal and fruit

Saturday Dinner: grilled chicken salads

Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: cheese grits

Sunday Dinner: spiced beef kabobs with grilled potatoes and zucchini (did not eat from last menu)

Monday Diner: Lasagna Florentine (Despite not so great reviews, I'm giving this a try so that we can finally eat that old box of hamburger helper from many moons ago. I'll let you know how it goes.)

Out of town 10/6-10/13

Wednesday Dinner: frozen prepared meal (whatever is cheapest of the ones we’ll eat)

Thursday Dinner: Italian Sausage pasta with green beans on the side (Yeah, I'm kinda making this one up based on what's in the pantry already.)

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