July 18, 2009

This week's menu

No, I didn't post last week's menu. I wrote it down on paper while on my break at work. I never typed it up (which is what I usually do). So, I'm going to be lazy and not post it. Nothing new really though.
Last week's excitement was that DH and I finally dug into the apple butter my mom sent me. Yummy on homemade biscuits. :)

Menu: 7/17-23

Friday, July 3rd

Dinner: BLTs

Saturday, July 4th

Breakfast/Lunch: eggs and biscuits

Dinner: Chicken and rice with egg w/ chicken breasts, zucchini (recipe on Personal Trainer Cooking on Nintendo DS)

Sunday, July 5th

Breakfast/Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: quiche

Monday-Thursday Meals

1. Ravioli and squash
2. Chicken quesadillas
3. Taco salads w/ chicken (throwing chicken in crockpot with diced tomatoes and taco seasoning. will pull apart very easily after cooking on low all day)
4. Spicy beef stir-fry (I'm using the spicy chicken stir-fry recipe, only using beef instead)

Now that I have Fridays off, I'm probably going to do more weekly menus rather than 2 and 3 weeks menus. This week I did most of my shopping from two local stores (Fresh & Easy and Smiths). DH went by the commissary to pick up more water. I made the menu based on what I already have available and what was in the two sale ads. $35 for this weeks groceries. Last week I spent $60.

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