June 12, 2012

Simple Green Beans

A recent conversation alerted me that fresh green beans are intimidating to some newer cooks. Don't be scared of them. They can be super delicious with little work from you.

I buy my green beans from the commissary, not exactly a special place. ;) I do hand pick my green beans making sure they're not brown, broken, and wilt-y (it should still easily snap in your hand). Get as many or as few as you want.

Once home I rinse them well and snap off the ends by hand.

I'm often super simple and throw them in my steamer that came with my cookware.

Make sure the water in your comes to a boil (and don't over do it - just an inch will do!). I usually steam for 4-5 minutes. You want them hot, but still crispy.

That's it.

My husband loves it when I mix a small amount of butter with them and add kosher salt and ground black pepper.

No need to make something that's already super tasty more complicated than it needs to be. :)

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