June 10, 2010

Another purpose for the oh so wonderful cast iron skillet...

Storage is a premium in my kitchen. When I finally bought myself a wonderful cast iron skillet last year (a must have for any kitchen!) I was overjoyed. But I could not find a place to keep it but still be able to access it without bodily injury. One day a light bulb lit up over my head.

Magnets sticks to cast iron skillets.

I went out a bought a wall hook that can handle the weight easily. With the aid of a magnet I now have not only a great place for keeping my skillet but also a place to hang up my recipes as I'm cooking.

It's on the wall at a height that's easy for me to see and read from my main prep space. And now I don't lose my recipe under a mound of ingredients (which has happened multiple times). Or play storage games with the skillet.

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