January 03, 2009

Menu: Jan 3-23

Weekend Baking: apple dumplings

3rd Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: bacon and eggs

3rd Saturday Diner: Olive Garden (out to eat)

4th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: Egg in a Hole

4th Sunday Dinner: Steak, frozen steamer veggie, roasted red potatoes, Hawaiian bread

5th – 9th: Monday – Friday Meals: (lunches- Hawaiian bread sandwiches, yogurt, cheese sticks, mini muffins, fruit)

Mon.) Chicken pot pie (bake Sunday night)
Tues/Wed.) Leftover Chicken pot pie
Tues/Wed.) Stuffed wraps (chicken in crockpot with diced tomatoes and taco seasonings, black beans, cheese, rice, lettuce etc)
Thurs.) Bratwurst, salads
Fri.) Out to eat (Irish, Chinese)


Weekend Baking: none

10th Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: cinnamon rolls

10th Saturday Dinner: Chicken and dumplings

11th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: scrambled eggs and biscuits

11th Sunday Dinner: sushi and leftovers

12th Monday Breakfast/Lunch: omelets

12th Monday Dinner: Pork Shoulder BBQ sandwiches, frozen veggies

13th-16th: Tuesday – Friday Meals: (leftovers for lunches)

1. Italian Minestrone with pork shoulder added to make DH happy
2. Pasta alla vodka
3. Grilled cheese and frozen veggies
4. Shrimp primavera


Weekend Baking: none

17th Saturday Breakfast/Lunch: blueberry muffins

17th Saturday Dinner: shortcut chicken manicotti

18th Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: leftovers

18th Sunday Dinner: homemade pizza

19th-23rd: Monday-Friday Meals:

1. waffles (freeze extras)
2. Out to eat (Irish or Chinese)
3. Tuna helper
4. Frozen ravioli

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