November 20, 2008

Menu: Nov 22-Dec 6

I've made a menu for the next two weeks. It's just what works out best time wise. I'll go to the commissary this weekend for my list. I only have $8 worth of coupons this time too. Just not as many good coupons being put out there - probably because stores have so many sales going on anyway this time of year. I do have a couple of more coupons that I'm bringing, but I doubt if the commissary will have those products. With any luck I'll manage to find a couple of more deals while at the commissary! :)

Menu – November 22nd—December 6th


Weekend Dessert: Amish bread, chocolate chip cookies (freeze most of them)

22nd Saturday Dinner: pineapple pork chops, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots

23rd Sunday Breakfast/Lunch: waffles

23rd Sunday Dinner: chicken pot pie


24th – 26th: Monday – Wednesday Meals:
1) leftover chicken pot pie
2) grilled cheese and soup
3) grilled chicken sandwiches with sautéed zucchini

27th Thanksgiving Menu

            Cinnamon Rolls           


            Potato casserole

            Whiskey glazed carrots

            Mashed sweet potatoes

            Squash casserole

            Homemade rolls

            Pumpkin pie


Other possible long weekend meals:

            Applesauce pancakes

            DHs chili and cornbread muffins (Sunday dinner?)

            Hot dogs

    Out to eat


1st – 5th: Monday – Friday Meals:
1) chicken parmesan with pasta and green beans
2) hamburgers, pasta side, frozen veggie
3) beef and vegetable stir fry
4) Helper meal with added veggies
5) out to eat

6th – CGO White Elephant Party Potluck

            Pork shoulder, hamburger buns

            Spinach lasagna


            Veggie side?

            Chocolate dripped pretzel sticks

            Sausage balls

            Spinach and artichoke drip, chips

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