November 20, 2009

I'm thinking of celebrating Thanksgiving with the Canadians next year...

Cause grocery shopping is horrid the week leading up to Thanksgiving! It makes me want to save up money to eat out every day for the next week just so that I don't have to battle it out at the grocery store! It was a madhouse this afternoon. Almost three hours and two stores of torture. And it wasn't as if I had a very long grocery list either. Only 55 items or so.

First up was the commissary. $95 spent. This includes $20 in kitty related purchases (he needed more food and litter). While I kept my spending under control, it took me forever to get through that store. I actually got the last on the shelf of unbleached all purpose flour, sparkling red grape juice, and canola oil. One woman tried to argue me out of buying the canola oil. I had a coupon for it, so I wasn't giving it away! Another woman shot me dirty looks as she saw me grab the flour. In turn though I did not get any whipping cream - they were all out!

Second up was Smith's. It was less crazy, but I was already very frazzled by that point. I am very proud to say that I spent $40 there and walked away with a 13 lb turkey, 5 packages of shredded cheese, eggs, that darn whipping cream, salad mix, Dr. Pepper, package of hash browns, bottle of vodka, bottle of rum, and 2 bottles of wine. The lady behind me in line jaw dropped when she saw my original total ($90) and what I actually paid. I did great with pairing up coupons with their sales.

But now I'm going to sit with a glass of wine and try and calm down from the afternoon's grocery wars.

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Jen said...

good for you! wish our Smiths here sold wine :)